Our Company

Who We Are

SmarTek Partners is your IT services dream team. We’re a group of engineers with more than 40 years of IT enterprise, infrastructure, and networking experience combined. We’ve led and collaborated on more than 200 projects in over 35 organizations, solving the most pressing IT challenges facing businesses and enterprises today.

Why SmarTek?

Our deep skills and expertise transcend the conventional and complex IT projects, and everything in between. We quickly mobilize and assimilate to fit your project needs. And we take the worry out of things like top security clearances, critical certifications, and contract alignment so you can focus your valuable time elsewhere.

How We Partner

Whether you’re looking for a tech solutions provider or you’re fulfilling staffing requirements for a client enterprise project or federal contract job, we can help.


Contract Vehicles

We have proposed and worked within the contract vehicle structure for years and understand how to provide a strong proposal that wins projects. We offer flexible solutions that easily align and integrate with your contract RFP approach.


  • Government Wide Acquisition Contracts-GWACs
  • Agency-Specific IDIQs
  • General Services Administration (GSA) Schedules