Cloud Transformation

Whatever your business goals, cloud adoption is integral for modern IT services, fostered innovation, and sustainable scalability and growth.

To address the entire concept of cloud transformation, it’s essential to have a trusted and experienced partner that can establish a solid approach, strategy, and methodology to a comprehensive cloud solution.

At Smartek, our certified cloud engineers and solution architects work closely with our customers to tailor solutions that demystify and simply their cloud transformation journey.


  • Assess and Plan Cloud Transformation Strategy

    We begin by assessing the customer’s current cloud state as well as the organization business goals. Based on existing cloud capacity, readiness, and objectives, a future state is identified, and recommendations are made to achieve the desired cloud transformation.

  • Methodology, Approach, and Tools Selection

    Our cloud transformation process is customer oriented, each having detailed design templates and checklists to ensure optimal data security within the cloud.

    SmarTek cloud transformation tools and solutions comply with security compliance and regulation and are readily available. These tools include VM import/export, AWS server migration service, data migration, pre-built cloud templates, scalability templates, high availability templates, WAN acceleration, parallel push to cloud, and integrated continuous deployment. These tools help us to migrate applications and data faster and more effectively.

  • Secure Cloud Environment Set Up

    With the dynamic nature of cloud applications, it’s critical to align the activities of security, operations, and development teams to maintain security and compliance. All of this is aimed at reducing business risks; prioritizing and automating remediation, as well as ensuring the most up-to-date compliance.

  • Platform Migration and Implementation in Cloud Environment

    Whether moving from on site or data centers, to public, private, and hybrid clouds, SmarTek cloud migration strategies are designed to seamlessly move, embrace, and optimize a full range of cloud benefits. At SmarTek, we help our clients with all cloud migration models, including full, phased, and hybrid.

  • Cloud-Based Systems Management and Service Delivery

    Cloud transformation can be slowed down by manual workflow processes. Our SmarTek experts will automate the orchestration of data, applications, and infrastructure into the cloud environment to speed up innovation and time-to-market.

Our Cloud Partners

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